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Église Évangélique Mennonite de Lunéville

Maurice and Annette

Maurice Hebert (photo), a former member of the Mennonite church in Lunéville, did wide research about genealogies of Mennonite families in France and southern Germany. During 40 years, he gathered information about hundreds of families and organized it in more than ten thousand records. All of these records are hand written and they have the same structure.

These records may be precious for families that are looking for their roots and family origins. In the past, Maurice was able to help a number of families and his files could help many more if is his work were known better. Maurice joined his Saviour in october 2012.

Some of these records can be downloaded here as examples. The structure of these records is explained in a PDF file that can be downloaded here.

Looking for a subject for a Master degree? We would like to make all these records available in the internet. For this reason we are searching for help. We would like to put all his information into a database that could be made available on the internet. Our church is too small to do this on its own. Therefore, we are looking for anyone that could help us to scan these records and put them into a database. These genealogical records may be of interest for students of sociology , history or any other students and families.

We think that these records could be used by students that look for a subject for their Masters degree or do any other work historical or sociological research.

If you would like to help us making the records available and use it for your own studies, please contact us at the email address here.

Examples of genealogical records

The record name is to be understood as follows:

FAMILYNAME Wife-name Place-of-birth Date-of-birth